Possible problems we may experience are as follows:

  • Site speed slowdown
  • Unable to reach support
  • Security

If we are opening a site for the first time, the lowest hosting package may be useful for us. In the future, the package can be increased by adding price difference.

Anyone can open a site. With or without software knowledge, he can somehow design his site. It can create content by purchasing articles and give paid advertisements. But not everyone can create a strategy.

There are many tricks we need to pay attention to while managing our site. Such as originality of our content, seo compatibility when writing articles , keyword analysis. Let’s go to the details.

Imitations Exalt the Original

Dear readers, being original makes a difference even in the company we work for. Do what has not been done. Counterfeiters win, yes. He wins, but to what extent? They will probably get stuck somewhere. Or they have to do better. If you have a job to do, do your best.

In fact, if you’re going to make an existing idea, you’re in luck. You can watch your opponent without making mistakes. You can identify the shortcomings and determine what people are looking for more easily. But your content must be absolutely original . You will find every word you write on your site. You ask why? Our hit source google is watching you because 😊 .

Being completely original is not enough. The Austria Phone Numbers article or content you will prepare should be SEO compatible and user-oriented. To explain a little more, the contents should not bore the user. Long line paragraphs should not be used. Seo compatible article writing is a job that requires meticulousness and patience.

Google’s goal is to show users the most appropriate result . Therefore, duplicate content does not rank higher. Browsing your sites. It can understand inbound links to your site. It can calculate the time spent on your site.

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Keyword Analysis

Make sure to do keyword analysis. Before writing an article, research the words you will write. Examine competitor sites. I explained how to make keyword analysis in detail on the You can review. With Google Ads, you can find out the search volumes and competition status.

Start article writing with low competition words. If you do not know how to use Google Ads, you can get

In this guide, we tried to guide those who want to set up a website and make money. Every website owner who wants to get somewhere by writing a blog does not miss such factors. I hope we have benefited you.

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