Facebook is cheaper but tends to be Nepal Phone Number more difficult to use, while Google AdWords is more expensive but tends to be easier and convert better, as someone using a search engine has buyer intent with a search. While you can spend as much as you want, you only really Nepal Phone Number need $10 to get started (at least on Facebook). Though I recommend at least a $100 budget. WAREHOUSE: $4 Nepal Phone Number TO $7 PER MONTH PER SQUARE FOOT Obviously, a warehouse isn’t necessary to start, especially if you’re starting small. But unless you have a big garage or basement, it’s something you might need once your business grows.

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[*] Picture of a group of people at a Nepal Phone Number dark workshop An average cost is $4 to $7 per square foot per month, but a lot of the cost depends on where you Nepal Phone Number live. Likely a few hundred dollars per month. Alternatively, you could rent a storage unit for $20-$100 per month when just starting out. Just Nepal Phone Number make sure you talk with the owner, and they are OK with you coming and going frequently! Or you can use services like Neighbor to find storage spaces near you. PRODUCT PHOTOS: $20-$1000 High-quality product photos are one of the most important parts of an ecommerce store.

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Crappy pictures can and will hurt your Nepal Phone Number conversions. Don’t believe me? Behold! Screenshot showing two burritos (Just make sure your product Nepal Phone Number is actually what you’re taking a picture of. Don’t copy McDonald’s in this case!) Unfortunately, a lot of Nepal Phone Number the stock photos you get from your suppliers and manufacturers really suck. So you might want to take your own. Pro tip: You can use the crappy stock photos from other sellers to your advantage! If you decide to sell on Amazon or another competitive marketplace, your photos can help your listing stand out above the competition.

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