In “Being and Time”, Heidegger proposed that all things have “being” (being), and the relationship between this being and the world Kazakhstan Phone Number is not the relationship between subject and object, but is connected and cannot exist independently.

is “being-in-the-world”. As beings, human  care

about their own existence, how they want to live, and worry about their own safety and death, thus becoming a unique “being” ( existence).

However, in daily life (everydayness), in the repetitive and mechanical busyness, people will naturally tend to take the existing social traditions, inherent rules nd .

language habits for granted, and gradually “fallenness, we saw that both humans and androids lived in such a state.

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This is of course no coincidence. Heidegger’s

“Being and Time” was published in 1927, and 1982’s “Blade Runner” was adapted from Philip. Philip Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ”.

Which was the era of the industrial revolution  passing day, a new political system was formed

.And people generally lived a better materia human resources, attaching great importance to functions and benefits.

Heidegger believes that in order to find “,the  of human beings existing in limited time.

It means that when a person truly fears this moment and control his own life by himself.

“Blade Runner” shows people’s deepest anxiety with a short four-year lifespan and an imminent death; understand “being/being”. Thirty years later, Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049”.

However, when K learned from Frieza, daughter and that he was still an android in the end, his initiative and behavior patterns did not change again.

What is the difference between what is born and what is made? “Those who are born seem to have souls.” K once replied to the sir. But if so, it cannot explain why K that he was born and lived as if he had a soul.

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