It was uncharted territory for individuals and businesses alike. But from everything that happened, one positive aspect that we can take from last year is learning. To achieve marketing resilience , learning both what worked and what didn’t work is key. So, as we move towards the goal of building market resilience in 2021, what is the most important lesson we take with us for the future? What worked in 2020 2020 marketing trends.

To achieve marketing resilience

That are here to stay 2020 Marketing Mistakes What 2021 holds for the future of marketing What worked in 2020 Flexibility No one could have COO Email List anticipated what 2020 brought in January of that year. But by mid-March, it became clear that the marketing plans had gone overboard. The great winners were those able to be flexible and adapt to adverse situations. It is important to carry this learning into the future. Although we have become accustomed to this “new normal”.

It is important to carry this learning

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The only sure thing that the future holds will be more changes, making flexibility a trait that we must cultivate. Empathy This year was full of emotions and being able to connect with them was a key factor. One of the best ways to share these feelings is through actions, and one of the main actions we carried out was to share high-value content. Values The values ​​of your company are its essence.

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