How are other brands using the PX? Now that you understand what product experience is, its importance, and what you need to consider when applying the strategy, let’s look at some practical examples. Keep reading! The real One of the main concerns of e-commerce customers is regret after making a purchase. With this in mind, the L’oreal PX team has developed a creative way to deal with the situation. They have designed software that allows potential customers to try products before they buy.

PX team has developed a creative way

All in a completely virtual way. How does it work? Through an interactive platform based on artificial intelligence principles. To use it, simply go to VP HR Email Lists one of the product pages in the online store and click ” tap & try” . product experience Then simply upload an old photo or take a new one and wait the software will illustrate the changes the product will bring to your appearance.

More than that, however Coca-Cola places

VP HR Email Lists

Coke Coca-Cola is a true reference in the world of product experience. Even in the face of criticism related to the negative effects of prolonged soda consumption, the brand never loses relevance. This has to do, of course, with extensive branding and advertising campaigns. More than that, however, Coca-Cola places special importance on the experience that its products provide. Do you remember that we cited sensory design as one of the elements that influence PX?

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