According to google, a consumer goes through a journey. Of 11 touchpoints before deciding to buy a product online. Since the beginning of 2016, 78 percent of. Marketers reported that ad blocking would have a negative effect on. The digital advertising ecosystem, that is, the technology .Is frowned upon by marketing. In the latest pagefair report. It is Saint Lucia B2B List noted that internet ad blocking is no longer just in .The west, but is also on the rise in asia, with singapore alone already blocking 30 percent .Of all ads in its country. While global ad blocking is 11 percent .

According to Google, a Consumer Goes Through a Journey of 

The asia-pacific region is 16 percent, including china or india. Which is already worrying the digital marketing sector . In addition to Saint Lucia B2B List being the countries with the highest population density of the world. Google seems aware that users of digital platforms could .Feel saturated with advertising and for this reason. It announced today, in a blog post, that it will allow users .To “Mute” the advertisements that are displayed in the applications and sites that are associate to show their ads.

Google Seems Aware That Users of Digital Platforms Could Feel

Saint Lucia B2B List

That is, the program called “Mute this ad” that has been around since 2012. Will give more control over the types of ads they see. After doing a Saint Lucia B2B List random search. Businesses should keep an eye on this feature. Especially as google plans to expand its search .Engine feature to youtube, the biggest video ad platform. Gmail and its chrome browser starting next month . With “Hide this ad” comes an important challenge for companies seeking to stand out on digital platforms.

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