In the latest episode of the “Search off the record” podcast series. Veterans of google’s search relationship: john mueller, gary illyes and martin split come together to. Discuss some key things about seo and how to everyone should play a role. To shape the future of seo. Several elements including html, javascript. Urls and more were discussed at Bahrain Phone Number List length by the trio who, drawing on their experiences. The trends and changes they have all seen over the past two years. Considered the impact of each of these elements on the future. Research in the years to come. Although you can watch the entire minute episode here, however.

Structured Data May Soon Become Useless

HTML will always be relevant Mueller wondered if HTML would still be relevant in the future given the fact (or a calculated guess) that content management systems are becoming more adept at handling more technical elements of a website. , adding “Well, I mean, it’s like you just have a rich editor and you just type things in and then format your text properly and add links. What should you do with HTML? »To which Gary responded and acknowledged that Bahrain Phone Number there is so much more to SEO than just writing content and important stuff. SEO still requires technical HTML knowledge.

Voice Search May Just Have to Wait

Bahrain Phone Number List






But SEO is also about link tags, meta tags and heading elements and all those weird things in the header section of HTML that you can put there. So you want to know about them to control how your snippets look or how your titles show up in search results and the canonical rel tag to control what the canonical version of a URL will be. You kind of want to know that. JavaScript will become all the more important Muller thinks that JavaScript could have a bigger and bigger role to play in how app usage and SEO will coincide and how app developers and Bahrain Phone Number List their subsequent brands want their apps to appear in results. search rather than JavaScript only remains on conventional websites. “I think the user kind of expects to be able to use whatever app they have on whatever platform,

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