Due to this, it is time to promote strategies and actions to humanize brands , giving them a palpable face and identity . To achieve this you can use, among other things, Storytelling , that is, the art of captivating through stories . These stories generate empathy in the public and show that a brand is not a corporate structure , but an organization made up of people who feel and think like anyone else. Among those stories, strategically told, that you can use to evoke feelings and foster connections are: success stories.

These stories generate empathy

Stories of the beginnings of your business and its evolution processes. You also need to ensure that, in general, interactions with users are more human and VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists close and less formal, corporate and monotonous. 5. Add value Since we are talking about stories, it is worth mentioning Content Marketing , a powerful alternative to add value to business processes. Through content that educates, captivates and informs.

Which organically leads to a privileged

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You will show users that they really are important and you will be able to build a large community around your brand , which organically leads to a privileged position in the market segment. Offering loyalty programs , allowing free trials of certain products or services , and hosting events like webinars are other ways to add value to your processes. Reinforce differentiating qualities .

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