The whole point for businesses to have a good seo strategy in place is to try .To rank higher in the serps to get more clicks on the targeted web pages or in .Other words to increase their click-through rate (ctr). It has been observed however that an Egypt Phone Number List increasing .Number of google searches get zero clicks. One of the most recent surveys conducted by. Similar web and collated and published by spark toro indicates that between january and december 2020,

Mismatch Between Research Results and Intent

Spark toro also published a similar study from now-defunct clickstream data .Provider jump shot in 2019 and the percentage was 50.33 then. What’s interesting here is that while the. Data mentioned above may be directionally true, the Egypt Phone Number actual percentage of no-click results may .Turn out to be much higher if all voice searches were taken. Into account as well. So what does this mean for various businesses? Should that alarm them. It is commonly believed that this large increase in no-click results does. Not bode well for businesses, as it reduces traffic to their web pages. Many companies have already raised their eyebrows and yet. Given the complexity of the search ecosystem.

Blurring the Lines Between How Paid and Organic

Egypt Phone Number List






this can also have several advantages. This applies to both companies and researchers. However, we will not go into the fairness or injustice of any of this. Instead, we’ll explore the possible reasons for the increased no-click results and some of the Egypt Phone Number Listhacks to optimize CTR despite the limitations. Moreover, there is no denying that Google search volumes have increased exponentially, as have the number of clicks. According to a Word Stream study, a 2x increase in CTR will increase your conversion rate by 50%. Let’s first look at some of the possible reasons behind no-click searches: 1. Featured Snippets: Featured snippets are special boxes that appear on the SERPs where Google responds to a query by presenting descriptive content directly from the relevant web page. They appear in what they call the “zero position”, which is just below ads and sponsored ads. Let’s look at the following.

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