The use of tools such as google maps reduces the average travel time of a person by 9 percent. Which is equal to 692 pesos per person. Services such as google maps or waze .Have become tools that are especially valued by users thanks to the fact that they .Are platforms that make it easy to locate addresses. Reach specific destinations and limit travel times based on .The traffic recorded by roads in real time. The benefits, without a doubt. Are great both in terms of time and money. According to the study “Economic impact of geospatial services. Carried out by the consulting firm alpha beta. The use of these tools reduces the average travel time of a person by 9 percent. Which translates into 480 minutes .Per year or 692 pesos . Per person , or 93 billion pesos for all users.

The Use of Tools Such as Google Maps Reduces the Average

if we consider that the percentage is equal to the savings of 33 liters of gasoline per vehicle or 505 pesos per user per year , at least in the Mexican market. The truth is that the greatest benefit is for the users. The companies that are behind these location applications are the great beneficiaries thanks to Brazil WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists the fact that the activity of the subscribers within these platforms allows them to generate valuable databases with valuable information to determine the habits and routines of people. Although, as reported by figures provided by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), 57 percent of consumers do not trust brands enough to provide them with information, while 70 percent of them say they do not find no advantage over sharing personal data with companies

Services Such as Google Maps or Waze Have Become Tools

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the use of these geolocation platforms by definition oblige the user to deliver certain data in exchange for the service. But have you ever wondered how much services like Google Maps know about you? Although it is difficult to know exactly, there is a way to find out at least part of the monitoring that this application makes of our day to day, which is chilling if we notice the level of detail with which the daily route can be deciphered. Here’s how to find out: 1.-Access the history To find out how much Google Maps knows about you, you need to access from a mobile device or a computer .

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