However, which of these three results should Google South Korea Mobile Number show to someone searching in German in Belgium, for example? In this case, the first page would probably be the best. To ensure that every user searching in German who does not match either de-at or de-ch gets the best default, we should change that hreflang attribute to just de. In many cases, specifying just the language is a smart thing to do.

It’s good to know that the most specific one wins when you create sets of links like this. The order in which the search engine sees the links doesn’t matter; it’ll always try to match from most specific to least specific.

Technical implementation – the basics

There are three basic rules regardless of which type of implementation you choose – and there’s more on that below.

The hreflang attribute needs to contain a value that South Korea Mobile Number consists of the language, which can be combined with a region. In other words, the language attribute needs to be in (a two-letter code).

Google can deal with some of the common mistakes with region codes, although you shouldn’t take any chances. For instance, it can deal with en-uk just as well as with the “correct” en-gb. However, en-eu does not work, as eu doesn’t define a country.

The region is optional and should be in ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format; more precisely, it should be an officially assigned element. Use from Wikipedia to verify you’re using the correct region and language codes. Because this is where things often go wrong: using the incorrect region code is a widespread problem.

Valid hreflang attributes


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number


The second basic rule is about return links.  Regardless of your type of implementation, each URL needs return links to every other URL, and these links should point at the canonical versions; more. The more languages you have, the more you might be tempted to  limit those return links – but don’t. If you have 80 languages, you’ll have hreflang links for 80 URLs, and there’s no getting around it.

The third and final basic rule is about self-links. It may feel weird to do this, just as those return links might feel weird, but they are essential, and your implementation will not work without them.

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