Today it is essential to provide a good user experience to all site visitors. According to forrester research, 70 percent of projects fail due to. Lack of user acceptance. And much of this is due to a lack of quality content, in addition to the loss of. Attraction they have and generate. Therefore. More than anything, the priority is to highlight the visual and .The image to project your content. At the time of having to play with the image. Action guidelines can be established that improve the interaction mechanism. That is why platforms like instagram have become popular. They are even the ones that have the. Most growth today compared to the most common social networks, such as facebook or twitter.

Today It Is Essential to Provide a Good User Experience

However, despite having planned to execute a digital marketing strategy to promote growth, it is necessary to have the correct knowledge to create content that adapts to Spain WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists your website and other digital scenarios in which you want to position it. For Prestation, 31 percent of companies believe that the brand image is only the graphic identity and that could be a serious mistake. From knowing the appropriate duration for videos, to knowing what kind of formats and measurements are ideal for making infographics and graphics that will expose your content. Based on the above, you may have wondered what the difference is between .JPG (or .JPEG) and .PNG or even a .GIF? Image formats for websites always have a specific line that web pages must adapt to.

At the Time of Having to Play With the Image, Action Guidelines Can

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Web design has different image formats, here we tell you their differences GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) They are limited to a maximum palette of 256 colors. It’s a poor choice for images with wide color variation (most have thousands of them). It can help for slower internet connection. Ideal for simple animations, social networks and small icons. JPG (or JPEG) It is a 16 bit format. Combine red, blue and green to display millions of colors. It is the standard format as it maintains image quality on most screens. Ideal for images with a wide color gamut, still images and photographs. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Essential in web design, since it can be optimized without loss of quality , in addition to showing transparencies . It has no animation function. It grants formats with a larger weight. They are not universally compatible with all applications and platforms.

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