Furthermore, region and europe. What to do? Plan. Now! This will not only continue next year, but at least another 2-3 years until the wheels turn. Therefore, it is necessary to plan in time. The management area must be viewed in the context of the. Farm fleet available on the farm in order to stay in season. Buying new equipment will not only happen. In 2022, but also in 2023. Only timely planning can help you get the equipment you need, and you don’t. Have to worry about which field or tractor will be able to pull the bit. Trends affecting the supply of. Rarely used agricultural machinery. In the secondary market have also been significantly reduced.

Even 10-year-old Tractors Are Being

Bought out and prices are rising, driven by rising global demand and rising metal prices. Currently, the. Most popular way to buy used equipment is to France Phone Number search not only in latvia or lithuania, but all over. Europe. We are currently seeing equipment such as sprayers and seeders being purchased in. Denmark, poland and scandinavia. Sustainability mathematics must also consider sustainability and. Climate neutrality trends in long-term planning. As you know, the european union (eu) is moving in the. This means that more and more money in the eu budget must go to. Agriculture.

The Greener and More Sustainable

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Farmers are in the future, the more likely the eu will receive more support payments. Therefore, special. Machinery such as “No-till” technology is gradually entering the agricultural field. Unlike conventional. Planters, this technology presses the seeds into the ground through a special seeding mechanism. The unique feature of this technology is that the earth does not move, allowing the soil to do so naturally. The eu is expected to increase support for sustainable and green farming, lower emission standards, smarter farming, which will not only change thinking. To implement and meet environmental and climate.

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