Degree 33 Surfboards gave away one awesome surf package worth over $1,000. They had over 2,300 people enter through sending one simple email to their list of 36,784 subscribers. And saw an open rate of 14% and click through rate of 5.8%. They also included a promo code in the giveaway. Description and this resulted in one direct sale of more than $400. Screenshot showing copy about a sweepstakes THE ONE THING Screenshot showing prizes for a sweepstakes.

People entered the giveaway

The ONE Thing ran a huge giveaway with 66 winners! They promoted their giveaway across their social media channels and email with 1,672 people entering Azerbaijan Phone Number the giveaway. Aside from generating contestants, this giveaway also helped The ONE Thing to drive membership revenue. And deliver value to their current email subscribers. BO JACKSON Screenshot showing copy about a sweepstakes 357 people entered. The giveaway from some light promotion Noah did across his personal email.

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Highlighting how even promoting

Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. 46% of the people who entered were new subscribers. Making this even more impressive is that Noah didn’t partner with any other brands for this giveaway. Highlighting how even promoting a giveaway to your preexisting audience can generate new subscribers.  Here are three key takeaways to help you succeed with giveaways.


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