While the digital marketing conversation is focused on facebook’s algorithm change. Some brands are turning to the other social network. Twitter. While the digital marketing conversation .Is focused on facebook’s algorithm change, some brands are turning to. The French Polynesia B2B List other social network: twitter. Most of the investment in. Digital advertising goes to facebook. During the months of july .To september of last year, this social network obtained revenues of 10 thousand 328 million dollars.

According to a Digiday Report the Show Will Be Live and

Of which 10 thousand 142 million came from advertising on the platform. And 2018 began with the announcement that there will be changes. To the French Polynesia B2B List news feed algorithm and users will see more content .From other users and less from brand and media pages. Number of .Twitter users infogram in the case of twitter. Which has 319 million active accounts, it obtained 590 million dollars in revenue during the third quarter of 2017. And the 280-character social network. Is still important to some brands.

In the Case of Twitter Which Has 319 Million Active Accounts

French Polynesia B2B List

Will invest in an original show on twitter. According to a digiday report. The show will be live and will be called #the debut . It will tell the French Polynesia B2B List story of basketball players from some high schools in. The united states. On january 19, the game between two south carolina schools will be broadcast. Image: twitter basketball is one of. The most popular sports in the us and has captured the attention of more teens in recent years.So the gatorade experiment makes sense. If it works. Livestreaming video will be an attractive product that twitter can offer to brands, beyond paid trending topics.

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