You already know what brand positioning consists of, how it differs from Brand Awareness, how it benefits companies and what the key factors are to achieve this goal. In addition, you have in your hands examples and experiences of brands that have reached the top to guide and inspire you. Regardless of your market segment and your level of visibility and penetration, you need to continue driving strategies and adopting philosophies that connect with users and establish you as the first option in their minds.

Regardless of your market segment

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There are many customers and it is easy

Finance Directors Email Lists

Stephanie Menuetto February 1, 21 | 7 min read In good times, startups emerge, grow and prosper, that includes marketing resilience with technology. There are many customers and it is easy to take a piece of the market. But in bad times is when we see the true strength of a company. That is why today we are going to teach you how to create the resilience of your marketing using technology. Without resiliency built into the business model.

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