Know what you are deploying your colleagues for. Determine your goals in advance and communicate them clearly. Connect to your core values. Well-formulated and widely France B2B List shared core values ​​provide employees with guidance and guidance. Make it fun. Employees did not necessarily hook up with easy promotions, but as soon as France B2B List the promotion was promoted through internal channels with playful emails and banners and contained a game element, they did catch on. At Presenter, for example, they did this by setting up a challenge to recruit leads, where employees could France B2B List earn points by performing various actions.


Building a France B2B List 

From sharing a LinkedIn post to submitting a qualified lead. Everything yielded points to France B2B List eventually save for prizes. Focus on motivated colleagues instead of focusing on France B2B List colleagues who are already somewhat reluctant. Keep experimenting. This is the only way to find out what works for you and France B2B List your colleagues. 2. Building a strong reputation The content you share affects your reputation.

France B2B List

Strong reputation France B2B List

For Philips, products and services are of great importance France B2B List to its reputation. However, these should not be predominant within the content. That is why they share stories from within the company about the people, values, possibilities and innovation. With these kinds of stories you show what you have to France B2B List offer as an employer and what you mean to the world. In it, a human and simple approach beats business and complex content. By strengthening your reputation in this way, you can also make your company more attractive to new employees in the current war for talent . Also France B2B List read: Reusing your content: 46 ideas to try right away The first tip from the session that I would like to share with you is: work with fixed formats.

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