Concept that becomes more and more complicated, el engagement. According to data from Invespcro, the percentage of social engagement with brands is just .07 per ciento on Facebook and . 03 per ciento on Twitter. The previous one does not want to decide that people do not want brands in social media, on the contrary. they are willing to have brands interact with them. According to the report of the last quarter of 2017 of Sprout Social.among the main activities that people expect mentioning a brand we have.

brands share the post on their profile. But it was necessary.

brands share the post on their profile. But it was necessary to carry out other activities that could have an impact on this concept, which marketers consider mlm email addresses crucial in their strategies. can also serve different purposes and here we present some of them. Decisions about content Starting from the idea that the content is more effective when it manages to respond to the.  The idea is to work with questions that manage to determine these themes.

establishment of authority Taking advantage of the surveys.

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establishment of authority Taking advantage of the surveys to address the topics that are trending in the. Industry where the company is developed is a Point in favor of which you can demonstrate the. commitment and attachment to solving the problems that the sector may face. brand decisions In a similar sense to the content, the surveys can help the company to encourage decision-making that the company makes,

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