When it comes to exploiting the “social” part of social networks, brands are the ones that. Often must take the initiative with their audiences to generate a concept that is becoming more and more complicated: engagement. According to data from Invesco, the percentage of social. Engagement with brands is just .07 percent on Facebook and .03 percent on Twitter.

When It Comes to Exploiting the “social” Part of Social.

the offer of discounts with the same percentage, in third place is that brands share the post on their profile. But outside of the activities, it is necessary to carry out others that can impact this concept, which 64 percent of contact number list india marketers consider crucial in their strategies. Within these activities, in addition to the content, we have the surveys. which we can highlight thanks to the multiple benefits they manage to provide. This relatively new format, in addition to being a good way. The concerns and needs of consumers, using surveys or polls within social networks can be a

Within These Activities, in Addition to the Content, We Have.

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good idea to get ideas about the next video to make, the next blog post or next post on social media. The idea is to work with questions that manage to determine these issues. establishment of authority Taking advantage of surveys to address the topics that are trends in the industry where the company operates is a point in its favor, since it can demonstrate the commitment

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