Amazon controls 1.3 percent of the global advertising market; however. It is an important intermediary between brands and consumers. Until now, digital advertising is controlled by .Two large companies that have managed to capitalize on the UK B2B List large .Databases that they concentrate, as well as the .Relevance that their services have for internet users. However. Amazon could be the third in contention that seeks to capitalize on .The growing investments in the digital field. According to a report delivered by visual capitalist. Facebook and google control more than half (57.6 percent) .Of the global digital advertising market. This means that every. Dollar that advertisers allocate to the digital field. 60 cents remain in the basket of said duopoly. Understanding the domain of these two signatures is not complicated. Until now, facebook -as a company- owns four of the ten most used applications in the world.

Amazon Controls 1.3 Percent of the Global Advertising Market

According to the annie index, in which whatsapp is in first place. Followed by facebook messenger, the application of the social network. And instagram. In the case of google, in.It has also built an important infrastructure .In terms of geolocation, a UK B2B List solid e-mail platform, various advances in. Artificial intelligence and has ventured into other categories .Such as autonomous vehicles. With the control they exercise in. More than one category, brands in all categories seem to depend .On facebook and google to gain visibility among their stakeholders. A privileged position that, before showing signs of weakening. Is stronger than ever however. Given this panorama and although everything seems to be defined.

However, It Is an Important Intermediary Between Brands

UK B2B List

Both google and facebook have before them a competitor that promises to be .The definitive one and the next player to dictate the rules in. The digital advertising market: amazon. Currently, the online sales giant controls just 1.3 percent of. The UK B2B List global advertising market; however, its unique position as an e-commerce leader. Iaas cloud service provider and hardware developer, allows it to take .On a very interesting role as an intermediary between brands .And end consumers, where it is worth reviewing some numbers that define .The potential that this platform has to be the next dictator of rules .In digital advertising. Small big business figures provided by .Fast company indicate advertising on amazon is only a small part of the business for the company; however.

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