Approach ignores the singularity of the photograph but also its inability to respond. The visual game offering at best the image of the poor relative. And in fact he is a poor relative but exposed to ridicule since he does not want to exploit the virtues of his poverty. And this poverty is not easily reconciled with the use made. Through this approach to photography nor with longhour contemplations of photographs nor with. The cunning and commercial distinctions of prints by date order or whatever else they devise nor with the disproportionate values nor in. The way of theoretical analyzes that ignore the emotion of the event with the same lightness that the previous approach ignores the visual value of the composition of the event. Nor finally with the annihilating for photography the juxtaposition of visual. Photographic works through their parallel analysis and their combined exhibition.

Photography are particularly easy to formulate

These criteria have to do with comments of a social psychoanalytical semiological or other similar style and content. Here the work as art is no longer of interest nor the Remove Background Image creator as artist. The presence of the photograph as an object nor the depicted subject for its emotional reference. The photograph becomes under the light of this approach a corpse in the morgue. Its function is more interesting than its presence. And it is indisputable that all the clinical and anatomical observations on. The corpse have both value and truth only that they have no relation to the living presence of man. Parascientific comments about and transmit given that. Thematic interest is directly connected to reality and is deeply rooted in our social habits. This the importance of observations about photography from. The artistic domain with which photography still has a controversial relationship to the symbolic.

Remove Background Image

The consequent spiritual crushing that entails

The outside institutional commentators and agents of photography in general have. All the more power the more impossible the photograph appears in the eyes of the photographers Consumer Lead themselves and the public. Indeed the insecurity that characterizes all creators and all the uncertain admirers of their works in the case. Photography is driven to schizophrenic limits so as to leave the field completely free for theorizing and any other impudence of outside contributors. The movements and judgments of which ultimately direct both the creators themselves and the audience. The above three basic approaches which despite their simplicity are presented as pioneering approaches with. Such a tinge for everyone have other methods been adopted which increase this spiritual terrorism. These are attitudes borrowed from the visual arts according to which on the one hand. The importance of originality is overemphasized and on the other hand Having studied.

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