I also got an interesting suggestion from Frankwatching reader Hein Meijer: “Twitter can also try to use a special algorithm to occasionally deploy a kind of captcha that appears after you hit the Twitter send button.” Ideology or business model? It is ironic that Musk’s ideas about free speech can actually limit the freom of speech of certain groups of people. In addition, the question is whether he really supports his ideas, or whether authenticating real people is a business model. In response to the message that Musk has put the deal on hold because it is unknown how many fake accounts Twitter actually has, an anonymous Twitter user responds : “ So this is why he keeps yapping about verifying everyone. Not for some virtuous reason but to maximize add revenue by claiming a minimal amount of fake accounts.

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Others suspect Musk wants to buy Twitter for a lower price or get out of the deal. But whether Musk adheres to an ideology or just wants to make money or both the UAE Phone Number rules around anonymity and freom of expression are complex matters that you can’t just determine with a few cheeky tweets. I wonder if Musk and Twitter are listening to the critical voices. What do you think of the Twitter plans? Let us know via the comments below. This article previously appear in a slightly modifi form in the Frankwatching Weekly. Do you also want to receive this Saturday ition in your mailbox? Register here . Those who use Google on a daily basis or search via Google have seen a lot of changes in the SERP in recent years.

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Where years ago there were mainly text results, the Google search results look very different today. In addition to text results, Google also uses other formats to Consumer Lead display information in the SERP. For example, there are more images with the text results, a local pack can be shown and questions and answers can also appear under the heading ‘People also ask’. Various options of Google SERP, screenshot. Local pack and ‘People also ask’ in SERP SEO specialists like to keep track of the positions of focus keywords.

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