By making adjustments bas on content, technique and authority, it is always nice to see if the positions of the most important keywords have improv. Now the SEO specialist is increasingly experiencing competition from Google itself with extras in the SERP. Think of the ‘People also ask’ section or the local pack shown above. That means that organic search results are sinking further and further down the SERP. In this article I will discuss the changes in the Google SERP and how you can respond to this as an SEO specialist. What’s different? There have been a lot of different updates from Google in the last year alone that have change.

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Let me mention a few recent interesting updates: continuous scrolling This update is still being roll out in the Netherlands, but this would mean that the nd page is no longer USA Phone Number as we know it. After this update we can keep scrolling until position before there is a button with ‘Show more’. The Google Core web vitals update As a result, the user-friendliness of your website has become a factor in the SERP ranking. Google strives to make the information useful and accessible. The user-friendliness of your website contributes to this. Google Vicinity Update Local is becoming increasingly important.

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You do not necessarily have a better chance of higher rankings by processing keywords in your Google Business Profile. “People also search” query Questions and answers are shown directly in the SERP, without you having to click through to the website. These results have been Consumer Lead shown much more frequently in recent months and are shown higher in the SERP than before. We expect to take this one step further in the future with the MUM update . With the MUM update, Google wants to add depth to the search engine by means of AI by only answering the user’s question. Without rirecting you to the website where the answer comes from.

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