Enterprises in the 21st century have embarked on the digital wave. And have launched “cloud migration plans” to promote IT cloud transformation projects. The first AWS MSP hosting service partner in. Taiwan is Far EasTone’s subsidiary – Bohong Cloud Technology (hereinafter referred to as Bohong). Which undertakes the important task of “helping pilots” and provides cloud relocation. Information security defense, One-stop cloud solutions for data databases, visual charts. Development tools, etc. Bohong’s annual revenue growth rate has reached 70%. It joined Far EasTone in 2019, combining cloud services with “big men” (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things). injecting cloud energy for Far Easing big men, and also opening the door for Bo Hong New page for business landscape.

In 2020, Bohong was selected as the world’s top 25

cloud hosting service providers by the American CIO magazine. And the international research organization ChannelE2E. Bohong. Which has Panama Phone Number continuously improved its professional technology and industrial experience, has become an indispensable cloud partner for enterprises’ digital transformation. Marry Far Chuan and build two major forces: expanding business strategy and strengthening data technology He Guansheng (Shasta), general manager of Bohong, joked about the ten-year “trial and error” journey of entrepreneurship. He tried one round of digital, game and retail business.

When AWS came to knock on the door to discuss cooperation

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the entrepreneurial experience turned into a deep empathy for customers’ pain points. Sincerely, the service has been continuously extended. From cloud architecture planning, deployment. Monitoring to 7×24 hosting, Bohong Group has not only won the trust. And cooperation of the original cloud platform manufacturers, but also cultivated a partnership of coexistence and co-prosperity with customers. After Bohong became a subsidiary of Far EasTone, on the one hand, it obtained abundant resources, and at the same time, it expanded the enterprise value chain and evolved into a new enterprise body. He Guansheng pointed out, “We have learned from Far EasTone’s deep industry ICT integration experience and the group’s financial discipline management, while retaining the agility and flexibility of a cloud company, and using “cloud as the main body, big people as the use”

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