Facebook yesterday announced major changes to its brand content policies. After making important modifications .To its algorithm to Mexico B2B List manage the content that appears in. The news feed of its users, facebook yesterday announced important changes .To its brand content policies , which try to avoid .Bad practices as a consequence of the new conditions that the brands. Media and other verified profiles to appear in the. Daily news received by their stakeholders. The update announced by the social network through.

Only Instagram Accounts and Pages and Profiles That Have

However, in practice, on more than one occasion it is an article or video that. A user or editor distributes to their audience as a result of .A commercial agreement with a company. Without the former having necessary participation in .The Mexico B2B List creation processes with this, there is a risk that the shared materials are not even content. So that what is delivered to the end user is nothing more than a link to. An online commerce page or a promotion that at that moment you want to promote. Without this representing a real value for the audience. According to the social network, the announced change that will .Come into force next march will prevent publishers, information. Developers and brands from abusing bad practices in this regard. So with the update it hopes to define what qualifies more expensively.

The New Rules Imposed by Facebook Are Accompanied by Some

Mexico B2B List

“only instagram accounts and pages and profiles that have access to .The branded content tool can post branded content. We define branded content as content designed by a creator .Or publisher that highlights or influences a business partner for value. When posting branded content, please use the branded content tool .To Mexico B2B List tag featured third-party products, brands, or business partners.  We share what you should take into account in the. Face of this update: unbranded content during the transmission of live videos or audios.

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