The most popular social network in the world is facebook. With more than 2 billion active users. In mexico, it will have 53.85 million users this year. The Malta B2B List most popular social network in the world is facebook. With more than 2 billion active users. In mexico. It will have 53.85 million users this year that is why the investment in digital advertising. Which projects a growth of 42 percent, compared to 31.5 percent in 2015. Would focus to a greater extent on said platform. But that factor didn’t seem like enough for the platform’s co-founder. Mark zuckerberg, so he moved a series of algorithms that. Will significantly impact how advertising has been handled so far. A few days ago, the facebook algorithm topped the world’s priority issues. Announcing that people’s posts would stand out, instead of ads. To promote interaction between friends.

The Most Popular Social Network in the World Is Facebook

This will lead to an increase in Facebook advertising prices, according to an Ad Week analyst. And it is that, according to the specialists, the Malta B2B List first step would be that -due to the change- the brands move to another social network to advertise, then those that decide to stay, will compete for less advertising space. This would indicate that prices should fall, but it is more complex than is believed. And it is that to this phenomenon of “flight” of advertisers, a drop in users and engagement with the social network would also be added because the content to see in the feed would also be less, but Facebook already knew all this. The advertising density will contract and the social network knows exactly what will happen, the ads will become more exclusive and therefore more expensive.

Active Users. In Mexico, It Will Have 53.85 Million Users

Malta B2B List

Analysts ventured to give figures:If the time spent by Facebook users drops by 10 percent (which would happen in about two months), the Malta B2B List price of ads (per thousand impressions) will go up 25 percent. If time drops by 20 percent (expected to be in a year) the cost for ads will increase by 79 percent. Thus, Facebook’s strategy in changing the algorithm would be, from the beginning, higher earnings from advertising.

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