Facebook is preparing everything to turn facebook watch into the next great competitor for youtube. Companies considered to be “new generation” such as uber, youtube, airbnb. Facebook or ebay, for example, have something in common beyond being leaders in. Their categories: none of them owns the products they sell. The consumer is the one who makes the product vision on which these companies .Have built their businesses come true. In other words, they are companies that have transformed a weakness into a. Highly valuable competitive advantage by allowing the user. Himself to have control over the best way to satisfy his needs. Actively including him in the value chain. When the focus is on the bulk of social. Networks -where they all operate under this model- we speak of the capitalization.

Companies Considered to Be “new Generation” Such as Uber, Youtube, Airbnb,

The content generated by the user. This information is usually valuable not only because of the level of scope it has. But also because of its high capacity for influence.A quality that places it as a source of reference in the construction of realtor email list perceptions. Around specific issues, where brands and their stocks are no exception. From audiense they point out that when carrying out an online search .On one of the 20 main brands in the world. 25 percent of the results obtained are links to content. Generated by the audiences themselves, while on platforms such as youtube the .Videos that enter the category of cgu .Content are viewed 10 times more than the official content of any commercial firm.

In Other Words, They Are Companies That Have Transformed a Weakness Into

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On this principle, youtube has built what is now recognized as the largest online video platform. A field in which facebook now finds an opportunity to capitalize through its watch proposal. This is revealed by a publication signed by cnbc. Which, citing sources close to the company. Indicates that facebook is preparing everything to turn facebook .Watch into the next great competitor for youtube and one more option for. Online content creators. The foregoing is especially relevant if we consider that youtube. Recently announced modifications to its content monetization system. With which, as of february 20, only videos from those channels and users .That have at least 4,000 videos can be monetized. Hours of viewing during the last twelve months. As well as a minimum of one thousand subscribers. Previously, it was only necessary to reach 10 thousand .Reproductions to obtain benefits. Information provided by .

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