Facebook patented a system that will allow you to have an idea of ​​the level of. Income that each of your subscribers has based on their activity on the network. It is no secret to anyone that social networks like Facebook. Have become an ideal space for brands to know and recognize their market niches with greater precision. The information generated from user activity on. These platforms is vital for designing communication and marketing actions that cover one of. The most recurrent demands among consumers: personalization.

Facebook Patented a System That Will Allow You to Have an.

Responsible for marketing worldwide qualify data management as a critical activity for the. Good performance of all processes related to the growth of a usa phone number list company. With which 56.3 percent of the companies will increase their annual budgets allocated to this discipline. Volumes of investment allocated to this concept, according to amdia estimates. Which have found a way to capitalize on the large and valuable databases that their services generate in.

It Is No Secret to Anyone That Social Networks Like Facebook.

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asset and on its way to grow its business. Everything seems to indicate that it has patented its system. That will allow it to have an idea of ​​the income level that each of its subscribers has. About this technology. We share some points you should know define income level: by taking as a starting point the personal information available.

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