The most used social networking platform in the world, facebook. Has at its disposal some other apps that help improve the development .Of interaction between users. However, there are still not many users who take them into account. Although mark Zuckerberg’s social network has more than 2.1 billion users. Messenger is Uruguay WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists close to reaching 1.4 billion users. The growth of the internet stands out for modifying our. Communication patterns and with the world of social media growing every day. Highlighting instant messaging services is a daily struggle for companies. Facebook has WhatsApp. The market leader in this type of app, and is looking for its own messaging application.

The Most Used Social Networking Platform in the World

Facebook Messenger , to come close. Statista indicates that Messenger ranked second, followed by Chinese services QQ Mobile and WeChat. The social media giant acquired WhatsApp in early 2014, when the mobile messaging app had only about 465 monthly active users. As of January 2017, there were 1.2 billion monthly active WhatsApp users in the Uruguay WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists world. Some people are regular users of social networks, especially Facebook, so it could be difficult to project their growth. However, adhering to the commercial trend in which most platforms are involved today, Facebook wants to promote the use of Messenger as a business communication channel for customer service .

Facebook, Has at Its Disposal Some Other Apps That Help Improve

Uruguay WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

The reality of the banker Here are some tricks of the platform that you should know: Even if you Uruguay WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists don’t have a Facebook account, Messenger can work independently. Real-time communication or group chats can be enhanced by adding synchronization features with other apps, such as creating Spotify playlists. There is a possibility to add other Facebook Messenger accounts to the main one, just by adding an email or phone number.

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