The actions of a livestream can work to attract user attention. The interaction that is generated over time has itself seen a change. In behavior between users and brands. Which can complement a marketing strategy in general especially on platforms such as facebook. Mark zuckerberg’s social network has been a pioneer in .Working to make live available in a better way for people. However, the company is not alone in its attempt to corner .The Romania B2B List live video market on the internet. Other tools promote and reproduce this type. Of content and format so that it has a high consumption. Even with his visual social network, instagram, where he makes multiple .Efforts so that the content is not forgotten after 24 hours. The battle of live broadcasts changed with the arrival of facebook live map.

The Actions of a Livestream Can Work to Attract User

A section from which you can access an interactive map in real time to check all the videos that are being broadcast in different parts of the world. According to Statista, the percentage of users who watched a live stream via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has steadily increased by 20 percent, reaching 28 percent before the Romania B2B List end of 2017. In this regard, Global Web Index estimated that as of the second quarter of 2017, 28 percent of Internet users worldwide have seen a live streaming video . However, in markets like the United States, Run Digital found that 58.

In This Regard, Global Web Index Estimated That as of the

Romania B2B List

7 percent of people had not watched a streaming video , leaving 21.9 percent who had. 00:10 / 00:15 How can it be used in marketing? Facebook Live can be used to give your strategy a further boost. Videos become an important part of the experience. Live Around the World shows videos that are being broadcast live. You find a popular video in Romania B2B List an instant, plus you know what kind of content is getting a lot of views. It saves you from knowing which person or brand is streaming . It allows you to see broadcasts from all over the world and follow people thanks to this new tool.

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