The great interest that has arisen around bitcoin and virtual currencies has. Caused scammers to seek victims through online advertisements .And social networks. The great interest that. Has arisen around bitcoin and virtual currencies has caused scammers. To Dubai Business Fax List seek victims through online advertisements and social networks.  Last year, the spectacular growth in the value of bitcoin made it. Gain international notoriety along with a dozen other cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin fever brought a new industry in which there are .Also scammers looking to take advantage of people’s interest and little knowledge.

The Great Interest That Has Arisen Around Bitcoin

This Tuesday, the social network facebook announced that it made changes to .The advertising policies of the platforms. Going forward Ads may not promote products and services. Associated with deceptive practices and promotions such. As binary options, initial coin offerings (icos), or cryptocurrencies. Facebook says it wants people to Dubai Business Fax List discover and learn about new .Products through ads without fear of fraud or deception. The new rule began to operate on facebook. Audience network and instagram.

And Virtual Currencies Has Caused Scammers to Seek Victims

Dubai Business Fax List

And facebook is not alone in banning crypto-related advertising. According to a report by fast company, google has also begun .To implement measures to remove deceptive advertising related to bitcoin. The internet that use the computers of people who click on Dubai Business Fax List them. To mine cryptocurrencies without their knowledge.To the difficulties and labor risks. Nor less than from the presidency of the republic. In the context of the scandal led by andrés manuel lópez obrador and carlos loret de mola. It is prudent to remember that there are two types of communicators in the country.

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