The influence that google and facebook have in society is. The influence that google and facebook have in society .Is increasingly evident and there are voices calling for. Business is based on profit and exploitation of the social environment. This friday, billionaire george  gave a speech within. The framework of the world economic forum. In Honduras B2B List davos, switzerland, and dedicated his words to. The two companies that lead the internet at the moment. Google and facebook. Soros, who is. A philanthropist who has. Been promoting the concept of open societies for years.  Pointed out that google and facebook are a threat to society.

The Influence That Google and Facebook Have in

The 87-year-old businessman said that companies make their profits from exploiting the environment. In the case of mining and oil companies. Here are some excerpts from george soros’ speech. “facebook and google control about half of internet advertising revenue. To maintain that dominance they must expand their networks and. Increase their share of user attention. They do that by providing a convenient platform. The Honduras B2B List more time they spend on the platforms. The more valuable they become to companies.  Cannot avoid using the platforms and they have to accept any terms that are offered.

George Soros’ Message Comes Days After Media Mogul

Honduras B2B List

The exceptional profits of these companies and a function .Of their avoidance of liability and avoidance of paying for content on. Their platforms. George soros’ message comes days after media. Mogul Rupert Murdoch, ceo of news corp, said that if facebook. Really wants to promote “Trustworthy content” and weed .Out fake news, it should pay publishers just like they do. Cable systems pay television channels. Murdoch is based on the Honduras B2B List fact that “It is the media that increases the value and integrity of facebook.”

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