In other words, with constant readjustments to their algorithms. The average organic reach of each post on facebook has. Dropped by between 45 and 75 percent. The recent changes in facebook will force brands. To develop new strategic approaches to receive the .Expected returns on investment from the budgets they allocate to. For instance, the great social network. Being relevant and having greater.  According to Argentina B2B List data from facebook, company profiles .On this platform have increased by 33 percent in recent years. Reaching a total of approximately 60 million business pages on the social network. The new algorithm has given special weight. To the premise “The biggest competitor of companies .When trying to gain relevance in digitalis the user himself.

With Constant Readjustments to Their Algorithms, the Averag

A fact that will affect the organic reach that would have lowered its levels for a long time. With constant readjustments in their algorithms. The average organic reach of each post .On facebook has decreased between 45 and 75 percent . Which means that each published post only represents a ‘natural’ reach. Of between 6 and 3 percent. In Argentina B2B List this context, although they will not. Be entirely decisive, payment solutions will continue .To function as great allies. On social networks would have achieved it with 80 percent of paid posts. Under this scenario, the management of a. Brand in social networks will grow in cost and complexity.

A Study Delivered by Socialbakers Reveals What Happens

Argentina B2B List

a situation that requires a more timely understanding of the performance that brands have achieved so far within Facebook. A study delivered by Argentina B2B List Social bakers reveals what happens in Latin America within Facebook, based on parameters such as cost per click (CPC), clickthrough rates (CTR) and cost per impressions (CPM) reached by advertising actions by product category. Social Bakers shows that the average user spends 899 minutes per month on Facebook. 

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