The instagram account @mexicanfakeblogger denounces the alleged purchase of .Followers by renowned mexican influencers and bloggers. The interest around everything related. To influencer marketing actions is constantly growing. Over the last year. Searches for the term “Influencer marketing” on google have increased 325 percent. Which is in line with companies and platforms focused on serving the. Particular needs of this discipline. Of 190 platforms focused on. Influencer marketing that were counted in 2015, currently the number. Is about 420; as for the number of companies with expertise in. The Solomon Islands B2B List matter, there has been an increase of 230 companies. Figures from influencer marketing hub indicate that only on instagram -one of the star platforms .In this discipline- investments in influencer marketing during 2016 reached 700 million dollars; however.

The Interest Around Everything Related

For 2017 it is expected that the figure will reach 1.2 billion .And during 2018 it will reach 1.7 billion. With these prelude figures. A recently appeared account has turned on .The red lights among the brands that operate in the mexican market and have jumped. On this trend due to the apparent falsification of the real reach of .The Solomon Islands B2B List influencers derived from the purchase of followers. This is the instragam account @mexicanfakeblogger .That with 2,910 followers and 54 publications has denounced the alleged

Using the Online Social Measurement Tool

Solomon Islands B2B List

Which are used by some brands to give greater scope to their actions on .The social network. According to the same account, the purpose of its exercise is as follows: “we do .What brands and agencies don’t bother to do. The industry in mexico is rotten, bloggers and influencers who sell smoke receive thousands .Of pesos when there is talent that nobody recognizes. Fake followers lead nowhere and are just a. Waste of money. Do you want to be part of. The Solomon Islands B2B List change? Through the online measurement tool, social blade, @mexicanfakeblogger measures the performance. Of each account, identifying spikes in .The growth of followers that are not very high, which can lead to the alleged purchase of followers.

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