The solutions that seem more logical or at least are more logical starting points for reflection are the following. The creation of a special Ministry of Culture does not seem necessary. After all it is answered rather as an exception than as a rule. Its various activities could fall under various relevant ministries. Nor is it necessary for every activity that at times becomes more important to set up a ministry. Which may later merge with another change its name or even be abolished. This may be politically convenient for a government but it does not create stability and institutions. But if there is such a ministry the question reasonably arises as to what its object is. Because indeed the term culture is broader than art or culture. The Latinrooted terms the problem and the distinction. If we therefore accept that culture includes other areas besides art then sports rightly forms part of the ministry in question.

Civilization and culture more accurately capture

Many other areas that and are related. The decoration of gardens the behavior of taxi drivers the pillars of the roads or the palm trees of the beaches. And if the preservation Real Estate Photo Editing of our antiquities is included in the responsibilities of the specific ministry. The Ministry of Education or possibly a Ministry of Tourism. But since there is such a ministry let’s deal only with the part of it that has to do with. The strengthening cultivation and support of the arts a matter that at least concerns us. The role of power visàvis Art is of course neither to give birth to it nor to replace it nor to direct it. He just needs to provide her with favorable growth conditions and sufficient living space. In other words it is a technocratic and not an artistic activity. A country in other words has the type extent and quality of art that its artists choose and can serve and not that which is chosen and favored by the respective holders. In other words the power does not interfere but it helps.

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The general educational responsibility

General it fulfills this role firstly by financially supporting artistic activities secondly by ensuring. Appropriate conditions and conditions for the development of the arts Consumer Lead and thirdly by facilitating the promotion. The works and their communication with the local and foreign public. A very big role must be played in this effort by artistic education which will contribute to the creation of future artists as well as to the creation of a qualified audience. The State must here play its countervailing role visàvis the very logically and democratically free private initiative whose springs whether noble. Humble usually serve purposes other than art though not necessarily contradictory to it. Precisely because the State has but at the same time. The luxury of ignoring the commercial logic of supply and demand. Must place special emphasis on the introduction of artistic reflection artistic history and the artistic event. The years of basic education and strengthen morally and financially every effort directed in this direction.

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