So take your pick. But what does an ‘inclusive writing style’ mean and how does this manifest itself in practice? For my graduation file I Tongliao Phone Number research the concept of ‘inclusive word usage’ and I continu to follow developments in my current position. In the text below I divide the concept into 3 different categories where things often go ‘wrong’: physical and mental, sexuality and diversity. On the basis of these pillars you will discover with Tongliao Phone Number concrete examples how you can pay attention to this as a copywriter. 1. Physical & mental: it affects your text Including word usage about one’s physical or mental characteristics Tongliao Phone Number goes way beyond the popular Instagram hashtag “bodypostivity.

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The point is that individuals are still too often identifi with certain characteristics in contexts where this is not relevant. For example, you Tongliao Phone Number only name someone’s physical or mental characteristics if it matters to the text and you don’t identify a person with his disability. So the sentence ‘The blind director works at his desk’ becomes ‘The Tongliao Phone Number visually impair director works at his desk’. In this same list, a ‘disabled person’ is a ‘person with a disability’ and better still ‘a person with a disability’. Also read: How to Tongliao Phone Number keep function names neutral (and therefore inclusive) Another interesting word in this category is the word ‘thick’.

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There are already several inclusive discussions on social media about this term. Because in an inclusive writing style, this word is correct. It is only Tongliao Phone Number currently used incorrectly in the Dutch language. Many people use the word as a feeling (‘I feel fat’), when it is really just a physical description. Nothing more and nothing Tongliao Phone Number less. Normalize the word ‘fat’ This puts it in a negative light, despite this Tongliao Phone Number being just a description, just like ‘thin’. Only ‘thin’ is seen in our society as an ideal of beauty.

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