A few months ago we talked to you about what drip campaigns are .  in The light of Opting for these types of campaigns that use automation is not .That difficult when you consider that those who achieve expertise .Can generate 80 percent more sales at a 33 percent lower cost to the company. According to the 2017 state of marketing report created by salesforce. 67 percent of marketing leaders already use it with different platforms therefore.

A Few Months Ago We Talked to You About What Drip Campaigns

If your company is already adopting automation. We share these recommendations to create drip campaigns. Goal setting who would not like to reach unimaginable. Limits with their campaigns? However it is about considering those .That are achievable or realistic within a given period .Of time, in order to Bulgaria WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists get the most out of the campaign. Establishing the objectives and time frames is important .So that when analyzing the results the company is.  Kip selection continuing along the same lines. We must not forget the key performance indicators as they provide the .Necessary data to evaluate the performance of the automated strategy.

Opting for These Types of Campaigns That Use Automation

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According to the platform, there are 3 kpis that you cannot ignore and these are. Qualified lead generation rate total conversion rate of leads. To customers and value of qualified leads. The first is responsible for measuring leads that become qualified as.  Leads that became customers, and finally, the third measures the. Value contributed by each new qualified lead.  knowing what is going to be measured and .What is to be achieved, it is also necessary to know what is going to be created for that purpose. The stated goals should guide the type of content that will .Be generated for the drip campaign to improve effectiveness and relevance.

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