Having a high conversion rate is a goal that many companies. Whose web development is fundamental, seek to achieve. Since sometimes their entire business may depend on it. Monette data indicates that in the last quarter of 2017 the average. Conversion rate of online shoppers barely reached 2.71 percent. A figure that may seem low and that can also vary .Depending on the industries. The above only tells us about .The need to implement actions to improve this. Aspect since currently, according to marketing sherpa. Only business services, electronics. Software, video games and entertainment-related products .Are the ones with the best conversion rates.

Having a High Conversion Rate Is a Goal That Many Companies

In this sense, we share what are the elements that every company should optimize in order to boost the metric, according to Drevis Images Images play an important role for websites, especially when these are online stores, we recently talked about how to manage product photos , however, even if it is Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists not about e-commerce, images also have an important role to play. improve empathy and engagement with visitors as well as for SEO, which is why its optimization is key. fonts Fonts also have an important role as part of the visual or design elements on a site, even outside the digital world they have an impact, for example, in 2009 the Tropicana brand did a rebranding changing its font and the impact it had was 20 percent less sales. Returning to the point, typography can offer a good or bad experience to visitors,

The Above Only Tells Us About the Need to Implement Actions

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Which is essential to generate conversions and therefore it is necessary to have the most appropriate considering consistency, hierarchy and alignment of information. Blanks In web design, white space is an element that cannot be omitted since it has many benefits, to mention a few we have: increased content readability, increased interaction and the ability to highlight CTAs. If we consider this last aspect, it is understandable why white space should be properly managed as part of the composition of a website that wants to generate conversions. Colors Color has a great influence on a psychological level and we have already talked about it . Marketing Insider highlights that colors impact the perception of objects or items that may be for sale and these influence the perception of purchase by 90 percent. Therefore,

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