A target group with a difference in age and media behavior is Cuba . B2B List  not high on the wish list of most communication professionals. The wider the target audience, the more difficult it is often to determine an effective media strategy. Patricia Greven and Roy Straatman of NTR share how they successfully reach . A varied target group Cuba B2B List with a cross-media strategy . With the campaign of the ratings hit ‘The Story of the Netherlands’. The goal: to enthuse the Cuba B2B List Dutch public about the history of our country. The story of the Netherlands started with the TV series in which storytelling and content are central.

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That remains the starting point for the other channels and Cuba B2B List resources that NTR deploys. Because the target group of the public broadcaster is quite literally ‘the public of the Netherlands’, the makers want to reach the whole of the Netherlands with essentially the same story. They do this by looking at which channels Cuba B2B List and which type of content are effective for each target group. For example, they made short knowledge clips with facts, info and animations (and a presenter known to them) for YouTube and TikTok for the young target group up to 12 years old. they Cuba B2B List created teaching materials for high school students, they made podwalks for the whole family.

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They recorded an in-depth podcast series Cuba B2B List for history lovers, and for the people who are not so into the screens and ears, they made a book with beautiful stories and tips for museums. This 360° approach has worked for the series: prior to the start of The story of the Netherlands, a 0 measurement was performed among the target group Cuba B2B List and it turns out: after the campaigns and realization of the series, the goal has been achieved. The Cuba B2B List interest in History has increased and we visit museums more often.

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