Like any approach to art and its works the one I am experimenting with this. Note moves in areas that are merely palpable and not concrete. After all the approach does not guarantee conquest something that no one wishes for since a complete understanding. Art fortunately impossible would exclude the dimension of mystery that justifies its presence. Let not the careful reader therefore attempt to apply the decalogue. Common points which follows to each photograph as if it were a deciphering code. After all the characteristic of the important work will be to always slip through his. Fingers to continue to exist beyond any attempt at an authentic interpretation of it. But even the conscientious or ambitious photographer has no sense in trying to precondition their photos to these specifications. The one where the photographer decides to press the button and the one where his. Photograph will communicate for the first time with the eye of a cultured and sensitive receiver.

Photography is important to understanding

Because only in this way is a new world born and souls are found to inhabit it. The only way in the end for the photographer to succeed in creating his work is to continue Shadow Making Service working multiplying the traces. The photographed world of his collection and for the viewer to thirstily seek each such imprint. A photo should command respect. Not with its quality nor with its often suspect attempt to charm. But with her presence which should be an absolute and convincing proposition. In other words not to allow the viewer to question the sincerity of her intentions not. Reveal a doubting photographer not to leave room to question her time and space. Then the viewer even if the result has not contributed to his takeoff will bow with. Respect in front of an honest and an affirmation. Understanding the importance of time and space in the devastating photographic doubt.

Shadow Making Service

The moment we enclose something recognizable

After all this like any other observation applies probably with minor changes to every art. So the brushstroke on the painting should bring alive the painter’s decision to Consumer Lead leave his mark. The sudden entrance of the brass not to leave the listener wondering if it was done at the right time. The viewer must ultimately identify with the photographer and press. The button with him saying I was there too. Nothing from the world of the senses is transferred as is to the world of photography. Already and only from with. four sides and deprive it of its neighboring world something changes. But what is important is that what we are used to seeing. Reality what we recognize in a certain way and assign to it a certain place in the hierarchy of our visual values in. Photograph acquires another dimension and above all rises to the scale of the values. A shadow an inscription a fold of cloth a tilt of the body a lighted window. Everything else that in the totality of the life of the picture occupies an insignificant.

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