In fact, the harry potter brand is worth $15 billion, according to figures. Projected by business insider. Late last year. The prequel to the hit harry potter franchise. Fantastic beasts and where to find them, grossed $8.8 million. In one night at the box office, according to box office mojo. The power of the wizard is such that the release of. Five films was announced, even without the presence of potter himself. In addition to the eight harry potter films. There will be a total of five dedicated to fantastic beasts. 00:13 / 00:15 thus, warner bros. Will premiere “Fantastic beasts. The crimes of grindel wald” on november 16.

Sin Embargo, David Yates Responsable De Todas Las Películas

What has most caught the attention of this film is the possibility that Albus Dumbledore, the director of Hogwarts and main mentor of Harry Potter, is shown as a Buy Oman WhatsApp Numbers gay character. However, David Yates (responsible for all the Harry Potter films since the fifth installment) said that will not be the case, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Not explicitly. But I think all the fans know that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindel wald when they were young. They fell in love with each other, their ideas and ideo logy So the fans went against it, since they consider it essential to show the nature of the character, as much as the heterosexuality of Harry Potter, for example. Anyway,

No ExplícitamentePero Creo Que Todos Los Fans Lo Saben

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J. K. Rowling didn’t tell us during Harry Potter that Dumbledore was gay because it wasn’t relevant to the story and when the story is about Dumbledore and the most important ROMANCE of his life it doesn’t show it explicitly because, well, um, potatoes. I ria G Parente (@Iriagparente) January 31,2018 It has revenues of 700 billion dollars each year worldwide, according to studies by De la Riva Group, it has become essential in brand strategies. Many brands join the trend for business reasons, but also for an issue of promoting inclusion. Such is the case of Simicondón, which showed its support for the community with a campaign that shows a gay couple kissing.

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