Both the French and Italian privacy regulators have now Panama B2B List given the indicted companies 60 .  Days respectively to comply with privacy legislation. The Italian GPDP goes one step further. It states that all public and private website owners in Italy who use Google. Analytics should eventually stop using Google Analytics. NB: The opinion Panama B2B List of the Italian privacy regulator is based . A case where a company used the outdated version of Google Analytics ‘Universal Analytics’. In principle, the ruling therefore does not relate to the new platform Google Analytics . Which offers Panama B2B List many more privacy controls.

How to prepare for Panama B2B List

From the press release: The Italian regulator calls on all controllers Panama B2B List to verify that the use of cookies and other tracking tools on their websites is in compliance with data protection legislation Status ban Google Analytics in the Netherlands In the Netherlands, the Dutch Data Protection Authority is forming its opinion. The investigation based on Panama B2B List complaints also submitted by Max Schrems has now been completed. The ruling is expected Panama B2B List in the course of the year, the AP indicates.

Panama B2B List

A Google Analytics ban? Panama B2B List

In view of the fact that the privacy regulators seem to be on the Panama B2B List same page in the condemnation of Google Analytics, the ruling could just be disappointing. How to prepare for a Google Analytics ban? But how can you properly prepare for a Google Analytics ban? What are the alternatives? I list a few possibilities: Do Panama B2B List nothing/wait Take preparatory measures to implement GA4 in line with applicable guidelines Implement an alternative data collection method/tooling next to Google Analytics, so that you can switch relatively quickly when needed Switch completely to another Panama B2B List tool that does not process data outside the EU and is not American.

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