Many people believe that experts in a sector tend to function in multiple ways. At the same time and with the same efficiency. However, we can ask ourselves: were our organisms and especially. Our brains built to carry out different activities in Saint Lucia B2B List a single action. I.E. Multitasking? The brain of human beings is designed .To focus on one thing at a time, and while bombarding them .With information on different topics does not. Affect our ability to function, it only slows us down when. It comes to paying attention to different topics. In an era where email or social networks. Like facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat are .The topics of daily conversation, to some extent, all users are forced .To multitask due to the sheer amount of content they watch. In this regard.

Many People Believe That Experts in a Sector Tend to

Social bakers indicates that the user spends more than 1700 minutes per .Month between multiple social platforms brands are aware of. The Saint Lucia B2B List technology addiction of today’s consumers. According to .Data from statista, in markets such as the united states. Digital advertising investment is approximately. A quarter of all advertising spending. As of 2016. This particular industry accounted for 22 percent of all digital .Ad spending in the united states. And the trend is on the rise. However, the interaction of. Users with the content that is made and their responses. Is still pending. Not all the material. That brands release has a response. Does being multitasking work when doing marketing actions? Earl miller.

Brands Are Aware of the Technology Addiction of

Saint Lucia B2B List

A neuroscientist at the Massachusetts institute of technology (mit). Points out that our brains “are not wired to multitask properly. When people think they are multitasking . They are actually switching from one task to another very quickly. And every time they do, there’s a cognitive cost.” in terms of your work efficiency. Multitasking makes it harder to Saint Lucia B2B List organize thoughts and filter. Out relevant information. Consequently, it reduces the efficiency and. Quality of work. This activity also increases the production of cortisol. The stress hormone. Making our brains move constantly .Makes a feeling of mental weakening. In conclusion, the .Recommendation is to take actions that correspond to the. Individual work of marketers. From the creative leader. Of a campaign to social media actions, the ideal is to separate the efforts of each. Activity to make a general whole as a final product.

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