The messaging application, whatsapp boasts 1.2 billion active users .Per month and 64 billion messages per day according to reuters. Instant messaging applications have become. A new field of action to conquer for companies seeking to .Stay close to Founder Email Lists the consumer, where whatsapp remains the leading platform in the field if we consider its reach. And global penetration. Along the same lines. Emarketer estimates indicate that the penetration of this type of platform among mobile users worldwide will register a relevant increase.

Instant Messaging Applications Have Become a New Field

Going from 25.2 percent to 43.3 percent between 2014 and 2019. The same period the increase will go from. 14.8 percent to 29.1 percent .  This service boasts 1.2 billion active users per month and 64 billion messages per. Day according to reuters, a market that the application has tried to capitalize through advertising and. The participation of Founder Email Lists companies with the launch. Of functions such as WhatsApp business. Despite the fact that there are more and .More companies interested in capitalizing on these platforms. The truth is that we are talking about spaces where the communication dynamics are totally different from the more conventional social networks.

Despite the Fact That There Are More and More Companies

Founder Email Lists

More intimate spaces demand more punctual and precise communication strategies where. Delivery of information play a fundamental role. In Founder Email Lists this regard. Message scheduling can be a great alternative to optimize the efforts made in this interaction arena. Which is why we share two tools that will be very useful for scheduling messages. Of all kinds on whatsapp seebye scheduler image source: seebye scheduler available for devices with android operating system that, thanks to root permissions, allows you to create messages scheduled by time. Contact date and frequency of sending on whatsapp. In this way. Users can send messages, images, videos and audios in a personalized way .

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