More recently, the German Bundestag fr den Saint Lucia B2B List Sedateness . Die Informativeness ( Bf Di ), the Norwegian regulator Dilatation . The French Commission Rationale DE l’ Information ET eds Libertines ( INCL ).  Already ruled that the options now offered by Google Analytics to safeguard privacy are not sufficient . To protect access by Saint Lucia BIB List US intelligence agencies. After all, if you as an advertiser process personal data with the necessary Saint Lucia B2B List permission. That permission only applies to the explicitly appointed Controller.

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And as long as they have no legitimate interest Saint Lucia B2B List in accessing the personal data, access is contrary to the GDPR. Another reason for a ban On June 24, 2022 . Italian privacy regulator Gar-ante per la Protection dei Dari Personal ( GDP ).  Announced that it saw another reason to ban the use of Google Analytics. It states that IP addresses, which are considered personal data.  Are not anonymity by default. Google Analytics . Certainly Google Analytics 4, do offer many options for Saint Lucia B2B List safeguarding the privacy of visitors, including IP Anglicization. But, according to the GPDP, Google also has the option of enriching these anonymity IP addresses with other information. As a result, these could still be traced Saint Lucia B2B List back to a naturally identifiable person.

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Recent statements Both the French and Italian privacy regulators have Saint Lucia B2B List now given the indicted companies 60 and 90 days respectively to comply with privacy legislation. The Italian GDP goes one step further. It states that all public and private website owners in Italy who use Google Analytics should eventually stop using Google Analytics. NB: The opinion of the Italian privacy regulator is based on a case where a company used the outdated version of Google Analytics  Saint Lucia B2B List ‘Universal Analytics’. In principle, the ruling therefore does not relate to the new platform Saint Lucia B2B List Google Analytics 4, which offers many more privacy controls.

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