Digital marketing predictions you as we enter the digital and technological era. It is common to observe changes that are due to the new. Behaviors that consumers are adopting. As it is already possible to observe. Marketing has not missed this opportunity to become. Present and firms continue to allocate. Resources to continue generating efforts, according to tech navigo.  expected that by 2020 the expenditure allocated .Worldwide will reach 306 thousand millions of dollars. The evolution of this digital sector drives trends and leads .Companies to speculate on what could be. The next big step to consider within the strategy.

As We Enter the Digital and Technological Era, It Is

According to chad pollitt of the native advertising institute. These are some predictions that can be ignored .influencer marketing although. Lately we have seen controversy after controversy in which various .Influencers have been involved while many think it is .A waste of resources. Brands are still far from doing without them because if the. Benefits they provide are well thought out. Such as fact that for every dollar invested the Cyprus WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists brand generates 6. Having influencers is a “Risk” that is worth taking. In fact Statista reports that in the united states 39 percent. Of marketing experts plan to increase their budgets. For influencer marketing . Blogging will be replaced by video although video. Is gaining more and more importance. And according to cisco systems it will be responsible for 82 percent of web traffic.

The evolution of this digital sector drives trends and

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It is not a format that will replace blogs. Blogging still has a lot to offer when it comes to channels for .Content marketing. Data from hosting facts indicates that around 2 million .Entries are posted every day and the number is increasing. And we can even see how both elements .Complement each other today. For now as with videos. Mobile optimization is an aspect that continues to gain relevance over time.

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