After that HoweverHoweverIn the past decade. Developmental psychologists have noticed that.  Nearly all children can explain their own and others’ behavior by attributing mental states (see Chapters 3 and 4). This is the “reflection function”, and in terms of developmental psychology. Theory of mind Paraguay Phone Number is the ability acquired through development. So that children can not. Only respond to the behavior of others. But also allow children to understand other people’s beliefs, feelings, attitudes, desires, expectations, knowledge, imagination, pretense, deception, intentions, plans, etc. Wait.

The reflective function

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However or the ability to mentalize, enables the child to “read” the minds of others (Baron-Cohen 1995; Baron-Cohen, Tager-Flusberg, & Cohen 1993; Morton & Frith 1995), and the behavior of others changes accordingly meaningful and  predictable. Early experiences with others allow children to construct and organize a set of multiple self-other representations. As they become more aware of. The behavior of others. They have more flexibility to choose representations from. This multiple system to use and to respond most appropriately in a given interpersonal situation.

However Reflective

Function (RF) is an ability to operationalize mental processes, which is an essential ability for individuals to learn to “mentalize”—psychoanalysis (Fonagy 1989; Fonagy, Edgcumbe, Moran, Kennedy, & Target 1993) and cognitive schools (eg Morton & Frith 1995) have mentioned such concepts. Reflective function or mentalization is the manifestation of a mental ability that is closely related to self-representation (Fonagy & Target 1995, 1996; Target & Fonagy 1996), it involves both self-reflection and interpersonal parts, ideally allowing individuals to have The well-developed ability to distinguish one’s inner feelings from outer reality allows individuals to “pretend” to deal with the “reality” parts of mental functioning and to have their own Mental and Emotional Processes.

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