By 2020, digital marketing ad spend across the Canada Phone Number world is expect to reach. D a collective – wait for it – 335 billion dollars to grab the ever-increasing prospects of connecting with customers online. However, this great opportunity for success also comes with an increasing chance of failure. In fact, a Schedule survey found that only 6% of marketing teams are able to always meet their campaign goals. It is no doubt a tough place out there for Canada Phone Number today’s . Fmarketer, and to say that competition is fierce is a grand understatement. With every passing day, it becomes more challenging to catch the attention of a customer, and the list of challenges keeps getting longer.

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If your marketing strategy is unable to defend itself from common threats, there is no way that Canada Phone Number it can ever be effective. Let’s discuss how digital marketers can defend themselves again three major campaign killers. Click Fraud – Invest in PPC Protection Search Engine Marketing is the lifeblood for smaller businesses to get their names on the map. PPC campaigns can offer incredibly high returns (Google reports that Canada Phone Number businesses earn $8 for every $1 they spend on their platform) as well as that initial push for brand awareness. Automated click fraud occurs when online bots are programd to click on paid advertising links in order to sabotage PPC costs and diminish return rates.


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Sadly, this devious strategy is quite common for Canada Phone Number businesses with fierce competitors vying for ad placement space. In 2016, a staggering 20% of online advertisers’ budgets were wast due to fraudulent clicks and invalid traffic. Detecting click fraud after the fact can help you put a stop to it, but it is much bette. There to protect yourself before it occurs. This is where machine learning comes to the rescue. AI-based fraud detection systems such as Click Cease work much better at click fraud prevention by integrating with all your Canada Phone Number Google or Bing PPC campaigns and tracking every click to determine whether or not it is valid. As soon as suspicious activity is identifieClick Cease will block the IP or proxy server from future engagement.

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