It is known that fox has high expectations for deadpool 2. And has been undertaking some marketing actions for some time now, but a change has just been confirmed that will surely arouse great interest among fans. It is known that fox has high expectations for deadpool 2 , and for some time now has undertaken some marketing actions. But a VP Security Email Lists change has just been confirmed that will surely arouse great interest in fans. We know that the characters in the marvel comics are under. The tutelage of two companies: disney has the rights to the VP Security Email Lists avengers and 20th century fox to the x-men . From 2000 to date, fox has produced 10 films, and although it hasn’t gone badly with the mutant saga.

It Is Known That Fox Has High Expectations

It is more than proven that deadpool is the VP Security Email Lists one that stands out. The antihero proved that ‘tough guys’ also appeal to audiences and. With the help of a massive marketing campaign. Became the most successful ‘r’-rated movie in the mutant universe ($783 million, according to the box office).This motivated 20th century fox to decide to extend. The VP Security Email Lists validity of the red hooded man in theaters to make a second film whose premiere was scheduled for june, however. The studios made the decision to advance its arrival in theaters. This thursday it was announced that deadpool 2 anticipates its arrival in theaters for may 18 of this year instead of june 1 as planned . Although, it is not the only film that presents new release dates, according to the hollywood reporter .

Became the Most Successful R-rated Movie in the

VP Security Email Lists

There are two other films in the x-men universe that also change. According to .The report, gambit is pushing back its premiere date to june 7, 2019, instead of february 14, originally planned. This is probably motivated by the fact that he has just been left without a director. The one that is also delayed is the new mutants . Which changes april 13 of this year, to wait until february 22, 2019. Given the information released. Anyone could expect silence from 20th century fox or the production of deadpool 2. But it was not like that, they have not been slow to respond and confirm that the premiere is being brought forward. It was through ryan reynolds , who through his twitter account published an image with the swords of. The marvel antihero with the message may 18.Maximumeffort. This tweet once again proves that reynolds is the best ambassador for deadpool .

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