The daniel bisogno trend generated 48,935,109 impressions on 13,570,746 twitter accounts. According to tweetreach. Yesterday a man . Between 25 and 30 years old.  Run over by a metrobús unit when he was riding his bicycle on.The confined lane of line 1 a few meters from the perisur station. The driver of the white truck that was traveling in the far left lane and the metrobús .Driver to the corresponding public ministry to .Determine responsibilities. Line 1 service for a few moments at the perisur station the road after an hour.

The Television Station’s Facilities Are Located on

Among those affected by the traffic are the drivers of “Ventaneando” , a show program of the television station TV Azteca , with a long history in Mexico. Do you want to Colombia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to startThe television station’s facilities are located on Periférico , so on their way to work, the drivers encountered unusual traffic (although it is an area with regular traffic), so they did not hesitate to complain about it, since they believe that the The cyclist’s death, beyond being a tragedy, is a nuisance for drivers. At least that is how in his statements, which are worth mentioning,

At Least That Is How It Can  in His Statements,

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were mostly sarcastic. There should be a permit to hit cyclists if you’re in a Hurry Neither motorcyclists nor cyclists can go there. I decree it. The Daniel Bisogno trend generated 48 million 935 thousand 109 impressions in 13 million 570 thousand 746 Twitter accounts. according to the specialized site Tweet Reach . bisogno_tweetreach The reactions against the driver were immediate: The driver’s personal brand can be just as affected as that of the Televisa host, Andrea Legarreta , a benchmark in memes when the economy is discussed on social networks. The power of digital platforms is undeniable, the virality of content can boost and bring down any image.

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